Bells and Speakers

Mass Notification SSPK Series

The SSPKWLP Colored Lens Series is a wall mount speaker/strobe that was designed to meet code requirements for audio, visual and voice communications. Applications include severe weather, evacuation and emergency response.

The SSPKWLP Colored Lens Series is available in a fixed 15/75 candela strobe. Colored lens colors include amber, blue, green and red. Listed to ANSI/UL 1480 and ANSI/UL 1638, CAN/ULC listed, applicable IBC/IFC/IRC Standards and NFPA 72.

Standard Features:

  • Strobe nominal voltage 24VDC
  • Lens colors available: amber, blue, green and red
  • Frequency range 400-4000Hz
  • Speaker voltage 25 or 70.7 VRMs standard, field selectable
  • Field selectable power taps: 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 4W
  • Screw terminals, separate in/out wiring (12-18 gauge)
  • Synchronize strobe by using Gentex AVSM control module
  • High decibel output
  • Strobe maintains a constant 1 Hz flash rate regardless of input voltage
  • Wall mount to a standard 4” square x 2 1/8” deep back box
  • Faceplate available in red or off-white