GTSM Series
Synchronization control module
AVSM Series
Synchronization control module
Commander2 and Commander3 surface mount back box
Commander4 ceiling surface mount back box
Outdoor enclosure is listed for outdoor use with the GEH horn and WGE Series
Low profile outdoor enclosure listed for use with the GEH and WGE Series
Outdoor back box for use with WSSPK and WSSPK24 speaker and speaker/strobe
Back box for use with GHLF wall mount low-frequency horns
Back box for use with GHSLF wall mount low-frequency horn/stobes
Commander4 Series (GCS and GCC Series)
Ceiling mount selectable candela evacuation signals
Commander3 Series (GES3 and GEC3 Series)
Wall mount selectable candela evacuation signals
Commander2 Series (GES, GEC and GEH Series)
Wall mount fixed candela evacuation signals
WGE Series (WGES and WGEC Series)
Wall mount outdoor evacuation signals
Mass Notification Commander3 Series
Colored lens wall mount selectable candela signals
Mass Notification Commander4 Series
Colored lens ceiling mount selectable candela signals
Mass Notification WGE Series
Outdoor colored lens wall mount signals
GXS Series (GXS-120 Series) - DISCONTINUED
120VAC remote visual signal
GX93 Series
Low current mini-horn
GHLF Series
Low Frequency Audible Signal
GHSLF Series
Low Frequency Audible and Visible Appliance
GB Series
24VDC and 120VAC fire alarm bells
Low profile ceiling mount selectable candela speaker/strobe and universal mount speaker
SSPKWLP Series (SSPK24WLP and SSPK24-15/75WLP Series)
Low profile wall mount speaker/strobe
WSSPK Series (WSSPK and WSSPK24 Series)
Outdoor wall mount speaker and speaker/strobe
Mass Notification SSPK Series
Colored lens wall mount speaker/strobes
Outdoor Mass Notification SSPK Series
Outdoor, colored lens, wall mount speaker/strobes
GEP and GEPS Expander Plate
Colored lens expander plate used in conjunction with Gentex speaker or wall mount speaker/strobes
SC Series (SC, SCR, SCRR)
120VAC / 220VAC / 9VDC Multi-Criteria Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
C Series (C, CR)
120VAC / 220VAC / 9VDC Carbon Monoxide Alarm
CO1209 Series (CO1209 and CO1209F)
120VAC/9V single/multiple-station carbon monoxide alarm
GN-503 Series (GN-503, GN-503F, GN-503FF)
120 VAC/9V single/multiple-station combination photoelectric smoke alarm/carbon monoxide alarm
H Series (H, H220)
120VAC / 220VAC / 9VDC Heat Alarm
S Series (S, S220, SR, SR220, SHRR, STRR)
120VAC / 220VAC / 9VDC Multi-Criteria Smoke Detector
9003 Series (9123, 9223 Series) - DISCONTINUED
120VAC/9V and 220VAC/9V single/multiple station photoelectric smoke alarms
7139CS and 7139LS - DISCONTINUED
Photoelectric smoke alarms with visual signaling appliance
HD135 Series (HD135 and HD135-223) (DISCONTINUED)
120VAC/9V and 220VAC/9V heat alarm for residential applications
S1209 Series (S1209 and S1209F)
120VAC/9V single and multiple station photoelectric smoke alarm.
913 Series (913 and 913T) - DISCONTINUED
Battery operated (9V) photoelectric smoke alarm